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Shopping Mall Escalators

ADVENDii Location Partners


Location Partners

Shopping centre indoor main hallway

Benefit Big with Advendii


Hassle-free Passive Income: Our intelligent vending machines handle all the heavy lifting, effortlessly generating passive income for you. Fully Maintained: Sit back and relax while we take care of maintenance and stocking, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Profit Share on Product Sales and Advertising: Enjoy a share of the profits from both product sales and advertising, maximizing your revenue potential.

  • Opportunity for Advertising Exposure: Feature on advertising for host sites and boost your visibility to a wider audience.

  • Minimal Requirements: All you need to provide is power and Wi-Fi – we'll handle the rest!


With Advendii, installing a vending machine isn't just about convenience – it's about unlocking a world of opportunities for your space.

Partner Sites

Our intelligent machines seamlessly blend into any environment, providing a hassle-free solution for both you and your visitors.


Whether you're a bustling office, boutique hotel, a trendy gym, or a vibrant shopping center, an Advendii machine is the perfect addition to elevate your space and generate additional revenue effortlessly.


Join us today and watch as your location transforms into a destination for convenience and innovation!

City view


Partner Benefits

Infograph showing benefits of becoming a location partner

Zero cost to Partner sites & 30% of Profit


Location Requirements

Advendii vending machines are perfect for indoor locations with electricity and Wi-Fi. Think Service Stations, busy offices, Cinema & Hotel lobbies, Hospitals/Health Centres, Gyms, Shopping Centres,Public Buildings, Transport Hubs/Airports.


With minimal floor space needed and hassle-free restocking by our team during business hours, it's effortless revenue generation. Join us in transforming these spaces into thriving vending hotspots with Advendii's intelligent solutions.

Infographic stating location requirements (Electricity and WIFI)
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