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ADVENDii; Empowering Small Business and Creators

At ADVENDii, we're on a mission to transform the vending machine industry with our cutting-edge smart screen intelligent vending machines. Gone are the days of traditional vending logistics—our innovative approach empowers small businesses and creators by providing them with a dynamic platform to showcase their products in high-traffic areas. Here's how it works:

🎨 Empowering Independent Creators: Our vending machines are stocked with a diverse range of unique products, curated by independent creators. From artisanal crafts to niche gadgets, our machines offer something for everyone. With each sale, creators earn an impressive 50% of the profit, giving them a substantial boost in revenue and exposure.

🏢 Zero Hassle for Hosting Venues: Hosting a ADVENDii vending machine comes with zero cost and hassle for the venue, site, or location. In fact, hosting venues receive a generous 30% of the profit from machine sales. It's a win-win situation—customers benefit from the convenience of on-the-go shopping, while venues attract new visitors and foot traffic.

👨‍👩‍👧 Community Engagement: Our smart screen vending machines don't just serve products—they create connections. By showcasing local creators and their offerings, we foster a sense of community engagement and support. Customers are drawn to the unique and personalised items in our machines, sparking conversations and driving interest in the hosting location.

At ADVENDii, we prioritize customer satisfaction and operational excellence. We handle all aspects of machine maintenance and the smart vending platform, ensuring a seamless experience for both creators and venues. Our goal is to make vending hassle-free and profitable for everyone involved.

But our vision extends beyond just vending machines...

As we continue to grow, we're committed to sharing advertising revenue with our partners—whether they're brands or creators. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone in the ADVENDii ecosystem thrives, benefiting from increased exposure and revenue opportunities.

If you have a location or you are a creator drop us a message today. Join us in shaping the future of retail and supporting small businesses and creators. Together, we can redefine vending one smart screen at a time! 💼🚀 #SmartVending #SupportSmallBusinesses #EmpowerCreators

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