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Smart Screen Intelligent Vending Solutions


Intelligent Vending Technology

Through our state-of-the-art vending machines, equipped with full LCD displays for dynamic advertising, we offer locations across the UK not just vending solutions, but revenue-generating assets.

  • Completely Free Service - Zero cost to Partner Locations.

  • Profitable from Day 1.

  • Fully Managed, Serviced & Maintained.

  • Sleek space saving design.

  • Secure, Cashless Payments.

  • Most extensive product range in the UK.

  • Best Profit Share & Long/Shorterm Hire Available.

Range of intelligent vending machines
Black intelligent vending machine


Engineered to adapt seamlessly to diverse environments. With their sleek design and compact footprint, our machines can be wall-mounted, making them ideal for locations where space is at a premium.


Whether it's a bustling office lobby or a crowded airport terminal, Advendii's vending machines fit right in, delivering convenience wherever they're placed.

Our intelligent vending machines offer more than just products – they provide an immersive brand experience. With large digital screens and interactive touchscreens, customers enjoy clear visibility of products and on screen advertising as part of their seamless purchasing journey.

Two women and a girl stood at an intelligent vending machine


Our vending machines aren't just a convenient solution; they're a lucrative addition to any business. Our machines seamlessly integrate into existing businesses, turning idle spaces into profit centers.

Fully Supplied, Installed, Stocked and Maintained for FREE by ADVENDii, this is a zero risk, passive income generator. A great Add-on for a variety of Businesses!


With Advendii, every location becomes an opportunity for revenue generation. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your space and pocket some extra cash – contact us to install a FREE Advendii vending machine today!

Black Intelligent vending machine


Seamless User Experience

ADVENDii install a FREE fully Customisable Machine (with a zero cost ongoing service) with optimised product range to best maximise profit and suit your customers needs.


Option also available to incorporate your own range of branded merch!

Close up of a credit card


When it comes to security, Advendii prioritizes peace of mind. Our vending machines are built to withstand tampering and vandalism, ensuring the safety of both the machine and its contents. Plus, with cashless payment options, there's no need to worry about handling cash or dealing with coin jams. Customers can simply swipe, tap, or scan to make a purchase, streamlining the transaction process and enhancing security.


At Advendii, transparency is key. That's why our reporting system goes above and beyond, providing real-time updates on stock levels and sales performance. Enabling us to provide comprehensive sales reports.

Partners have full visibility into their vending operations. Experience the power of transparency with Advendii's reporting system – because knowledge is key to success.

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